the germinal disc - a sitting target music sampler

by The Penguin Party




…intelligent left-field pop …compares very favourably to the work of The Montgolfier Brothers…highly tuneful and charming, with just the right air of quirkiness to rank it as one of the better nostalgically-flavoured records of recent times… Leonard's Lair

…cool, engaging release…it’s a distinctively British take on pop craftsmanship...

…very catchy, very charming…The vocal interplay throughout recalls the Difford/Tillbrook dynamic of Squeeze. EXCELLENT!!!

…very English nostalgic music hall pop…a charming set of pop that will sit well with ye merry anglophile power pop fans…

…unmistakable ‘out-of-its-time’ production… Songwriter Dave Milligan (of Arco fame) leads us through a collection of sticky hooks, quirky arrangements and choruses that insist on taking up residence…(you’ll be singing these songs in the shower)…sun-drenched drives in the country, with the windows down, will be enhanced.

With a decidedly British flair, Penguin Party prove they can play stylistic pop-rock …varied influences and genre-hopping arrangements…Delusions Of Adequacy

cooler than a real penguin’s party....more quintessentially British than fish and chips, red phone boxes, or six pints of bitter on a wet Saturday night down the pub...quirky and individualistic, it is also engagingly charming...Dave Milligan taps into a rich heritage of British pop to produce a memorably tuneful, instantly absorbing, collection of See Thru Songs...literally reels you in...lurking within the album are cleverly constructed lyrics about all manner of human experiences...blogcritics

Warning. Just like all well written pop you will find yourself singing these songs at highly inappropriate

...packed full of typically British pop charm...quirky but stylish...classic observational pop..vocal acrobatics...beautifully and sensitively crafted...poetic lyrics...can be thought provoking and evocative as much as it can be childlike and coy...a strange but nicely rewarding


released October 7, 2009

Written, produced and performed by Dave Milligan
Bass on "Whatever..." - Jake Milligan
Backing vocals on "Whatever..." - Maddie Milligan

New versions of these tracks will appear on the new Penguin Party album
"Sex Furniture Warehouse",
available late 2010 and featuring the
Penguin Party live band:
Dave Milligan - Vocals & Guitar
Jake Milligan - Guitar
Gareth Hall - Bass
Dave McGrath - Drums



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Track Name: song for my old lady (germinal disc version)
There’s no fool like an old fool and I’m older and more foolish everyday;
Optimism overcomes the evidence and blows it all away
(But it’s lurking in the corner)
There’s no thrill like a new thrill, like a new toy on a grasping Christmas day
But what’s still there by autumn? Just the good stuff and the rest is thrown away
(Or hidden in the closet)

Let’s play
Squeak piggy squeak and bling drunk’s buff
Let’s play
Let’s play while we’re still young enough

There’s no songs like the old songs and we’ll sing ‘em as we’re dancing out the door
And every generation writes their new songs, but we’ve heard them all before
(Sing it loud; my ears are tired)

Let’s play
Let’s play a song that fills the room
Let’s play
While we can still carry a tune

Out in the long grass
Out in the sun
Before our free bus pass
While we can still run

Let’s play
Why stay in when you want to come out?
Let’s play
Be the parents that our people warned us about
Track Name: Whatever Happened To Tomorrow's World? (Germinal Disc Version)
He was born in the sixties on a promise of free love and music
By the century’s end he’d be working a two day week
Now the music is free but the love’s only there if you make it
And he’s working so hard that he’s almost unable to sleep

He’d be riding around on a monorail train
Full of miracle drugs so he’d feel no pain

He’s a 60s man with an 80s life
And a naughty kid and a 90s wife
He’s a 60s man with an 80s life

And the young would take all that was best; stuff it all in their pockets
Do the good stuff and leave all the rest to be done by machines
And we all would expand our horizons on drugs and on rockets
But the world of tomorrow turned out to be yesterday’s dreams

He’s still limping around on a routemaster bus
And the miracle drug just makes him one of us

And not a 60s man with an 80s life
And a naughty kid and a 90s wife
He’s a 60s man with an 80s life

For all the girls who never were:
He loved you all in his own way
And with your style, and with your smiles
You made him what he is today